More than two years in the technology market for motorcycles, manufacture liner with technology and professionalism. We produce for all of the domestic market motorcycle brands and imported models.

Our products are manufactured in a small factory in Rio de Janeiro, manually, thus having exclusive attention to the finish in every detail. We work with top standard materials, high technology, always seeking continuous improvement of the quality and excellence of products.
Our brand can be found in retail stores in the market, specialized workshops on motorcycles, the Internet - the sales sites, on social networks and on our website:

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Being the largest manufacturer of high quality latin liners by 2017, increasing passenger comfort and driver with each new version.


Develop, produce and market high quality liners, people prefer to purchase, maximizing driver comfort and croup, ensuring the creation of value and sustainability of the business.


Our conduct should reflect the highest ethical standards;
Having the customer preference;
Customer satisfaction is the reason for the existence of our business;
Excellence with simplicity and quality.